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As well as taking on commissioned fine art projects, I create fine art images that can be purchased here as limited edition prints, making ideal gifts.

In 2014 TheBodyEclectic series was exhibited as part of a group exhibition entitled the Personal & the Professional.

Current Project: Up Down

Bret is currently working on a series entitled Up Down.

The series focuses on looking at the natural and urban world in a different way. Traditionally, landscape images look to the horizon (or a more or less horizontal plane) to both tell the story and offer an intellectual space from which the viewer can make sense of the world of the image. In Up Down, that is subverted by shooting straight up or down.

Up Down will be a series of images to be made available here as the collection evolves.

Previous Project: The BodyEclectic

The BodyEclectic was a large-scale project shot over two years exploring the juxtaposition of light and the body in a series of black and white shots of anonymous female subjects. The project aims to consider the elegance of light, as well as the play of shadows when these two elements combine to tell the ‘story’ of the subject.

Images of the subjects are numbered chronologically so you can track progress in Bret’s skills and the way that he eventually drew back from the subjects to give the bodies room to be themselves rather than moulding them as simply shapes. What started out as traditional bodyscapes evolved into images that provide space around the subjects as the project progressed. There were no skin fixes or body shaping tricks used in the editing of the shots – thay are, simply, the bodies eclectic.

The project consists of more than 100 images of 15 anonymous subjects from a range of backgrounds as well as statements from many of the subjects describing the experience of sitting for TheBodyEclectic and their sense of self.

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